• What becomes possible if understanding our Worldviews opens a new gateway to our most challenging conversations?

    Every day, the world around us seems increasingly fragmented with more and more polarized positions. How do we, as individuals, businesses, governments, NGOs and social networks respond? From which inner source do we respond to the current challenges in our organizations, families and society? What skills and knowledge do we need to navigate this world successfully, with grace and compassion, in order to create environments where all can thrive?


    These questions are particularly relevant in Europe right now due to ---

    • The call for Diversity in our company’s and social systems
    • The refugee movement and the increasing polarization within and between European countries
    • The frictions in the European Union between North and South, West and East
    • An increasing need to be innovative in our thinking, even while in our traditional structures
    • A yearning for new business models and ways of operating in the world

  • We invite you to explore the power of polarities to co-create new realities:

    Worldview Intelligence is an innovative and effective approach to leadership development, conflict resolution and engagement for your team, organization or community. It offers a framework for exploration that moves people to strategy and action in new ways. The same framework sparks exploration personally, professionally, organizationally, and in social systems.

    Worldview Intelligence changes the conversation in a team, department, community or organization because people are able to see things they never saw before, in a more wholistic/whole system way and offers them ways to work differently within their environments.


    You will:

    • Discover your own worldview, where it comes from and how it influences your communication and relationship with others;
    • Explore your business or organization’s worldview and how it influences your communications, performance and relationship with others, including clients, customers and collaborators;
    • Discover how the social systems or cultures you operate within and come from impact your business or organization’s worldview and how they it influence your communication and relationship with others;
    • Understand the power of becoming curious about other worldviews and opening to the possibility that multiple worldviews can co-exist in the same space at the same time;
    • Uncover hidden assumptions, belief systems and patterns that exist in social systems and organizations;
    • Strategize ways to open up and change the conversation in your organization or social system on issues that matter to find new ways forward;
    • Reflect on new possibilities for crucial European challenges.

  • Who is this for?

    We feel this is a European-wide invitation to Worldview Intelligence learning and discovery. The issues we have identified for exploration, reflection and new approaches are being experienced across Europe and across borders to one degree or another. For this reason, please feel invited as a European and as a

    _ Leader responsible for creating inclusive workplaces and engaged teams in organizations and in community
    _ OD consultant responsible for change initiatives, continuous learning and restructuring
    _ HR consultant (internal and external) responsible for leadership development and policies on diversity, equity and inclusion
    _ Social Change Agent working inside organizations, communities and social systems
    _ Art of Hosting practitioner who wants to deepen their hosting practice
    Individual interested in growing the skills and practices of Worldview Intelligence


    For consultants: We've added a fourth day, November 5, 2016. This day is for reflection and strategies about how to use Worldview Intelligence as a tool for your clients in different environments like Companies, Health Services, in government, community development, social change and others.

  • Venue, Fee and Accomodation

    Delicious food, inspiring surroundings, close to the airport

    Venue and fee

    The program will take place in Windeck/Sieg. By train you need 1,5 hrs. from the Frankfurt airport. It will provide us with a quiet and green environment.


    The fee for the three day program is 800€. The fee for the fourth day, November 5, is 250€.


    The discount for Group reservation (minimum 2 persons) is 10 %.

    The fee doesn't include 19% VAT for Companies, NGO's and Freelancer, please transmit the VAT ID of your company or organization to avoid VAT.


    The fee includes Lunch and non-alcoholic drinks.


    We'll make reservations for rooms around Windeck. Please tell us as early as possible what kind of accommodations you prefer.

  • Team

    Jerry Nagel

    Co-founder and co-developer of the Worldview Intelligence program

    Jerry Nagel has considerable experience leading multi-stakeholder initiatives and he believes strongly that participatory leadership and dialogue processes create communities and organizations where people are treated with respect and where there is an opportunity for all voices to be present and to be heard. He is deeply committed to hosting meaningful conversations around many of our most difficult issues, including race, gender, age, sexual orientation and political and economic power.


    Jerry received his PhD through Tilburg University, the Netherlands in May 2015 and his MA in economics from the University of North Dakota in 1984. He has attended the Senior Executives in State and Local Government program at Harvard University as a Fannie Mae Foundation Fellow. He is also a Donella Meadows Leadership Fellow. Currently Jerry serves as the President of the Meadowlark Institute based in Minnesota.

    Kathy Jourdain

    Co-founder of Worldview Intelligence

    Kathy Jourdain is internationally recognized as a steward and practitioner of the Art of Hosting (AoH) Conversations That Matter, which provides a set of patterns and practices to understand and work with complexity in increasingly unpredictable circumstances. For more information go to www.ShapeShiftstrategies.com.


    Kathy’s memoir, Embracing the Stranger in Me: A Journey to Openheartedness, has been hailed as a deeply authentic sharing of a personal journey that has shaped who she is today and an invitation for others to enter or stay in their own unfolding journey. For more information check out www.KathyJourdain.com   

    Nancy Bragard

    Interculturalist, process architect

    A Franco-American consultant, Nancy accompanies individuals and teams of diverse cultures (national and organisational) through systemic transformation. She facilitates change through participative methodologies which allow for the emergence of tacit and often unexploited knowledge. A firm believer of the empowerment conferred through participatory practices and the soundness of the collective intelligence thus released, Nancy optimises for her clients sustainable actions, as they are identified, crafted and coordinated by the actors themselves.


    In 2010, following a year of deep inquiry, Nancy brought to France the “Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter”. Since then, she has stewarded the evolution and growth of the francophone community. Art of Hosting seminars have awakened over 200 people to the potential of participative methodologies to accompany change ; seminars continue to be offered once or twice a year.

    Rolf Schneidereit

    Facilitator, caller and organizer

    Rolf Schneidereit is an experienced facilitator for large groups and change processes. He is a practitioner of the Art of Hosting and always eager to discover new mindsets and methods which support his work in complex and conflictual fields.


    The first impulse for this gathering and gathering appeared during an „Art of Hosting – Beyond the Basics“-Training in 2015 in Leicester. In several conversations with other European participants, Rolf realized a strong need for a European gathering, in which the different worldviews across Europe can appear in a safe dialogue frame. This brought him to the call for the first worldview Intelligence program in Europe. For more information check out his website www.gut-moderiert.de

  • Ready for Registration?

    Join us at the first Worldview Intelligence Program in Europe

  • Testimonials

    What participants have experienced

    Jaime Smith

    “The worldview exploration – touches on who I am”

    • “For me, it is a leadership development journey and it impacts my work in community.”


    • “The worldview training gave me an opportunity to think more deeply about what I do – for the first time really.”


    • “The worldview framework you offer gives me a different way of thinking about my experiences, how my experiences inform how I see myself and what I reflect out into the world. The program was powerful.”


    • “The six dimensions of worldview gave me an opportunity to look at myself and my work in a different way. It is a holistic approach that invites the different pieces of you to work together. My creative side can work with the side of me that is business and planning oriented and it doesn’t have to be either or. The framework provides a tangible process that is respectful of many different points of view. I was blown away – in a reflective way. It stuck with me. It is foundational and informs so many of the other pieces.”


    • “If more of our community and business leaders and politicians would have an opportunity to look at their own views and deepen compassion, we could really make a difference for the people we work with and for. At the end of the day, organizations and society are made up of people. Worldview is a very humanistic and person centered approach. Community health and development tells us this is how we build more effective and resilient communities.”


    Jaime is a planner and facilitator who worked as a Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners with organizations like the New Brunswick Department of Environment, the Halifax Regional Municipality and the New Brunswick Rural District Planning Commission.

    Tracey Jones-Grant

    „Knowing your own worldview allows you to center yourself”

    Tracey Jones-Grant was one of the first people to experience the Worldview Intelligence program a couple of years ago in Halifax and it has changed her. “You don’t just walk away from it and go ‘done with that, what’s next?’ It seeps into your skin and blossoms as you learn how to verbalize it.”


    • “I discovered the exploration allows for your own internal view. For me, this is aligned with africentricity. Knowing your own worldview allows you to center yourself. And when you know where you come from, the core of who you are, that prepares you for whatever else you will encounter, including worldviews very different from your own.”


    • “I plan work in different ways now. You develop stronger communication and facilitation skills. I have a greater sense of awareness of people, of communities I work for and in – and I’ve been working in community for a long time. I check in around where people are at in their own experience rather than assuming I know. I make suggestions differently now than in the past – in ways that have a greater likelihood of getting through the other person’s filters.”


    • “Business needs to invest in opportunities for staff to understand where they are at. This will make them more open to understanding where others are at and to seeing new ways forward, even on issues that are challenging.”


    • “This kind of investment is not a check mark on the training box. It is an essential business and life skill.”

    Tracey is a long time diversity trainer. She has worked for the Halifax Library, the Halifax Regional School Board and is now the Diversity Manager for the Municipal Government in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is bringing a new way of working, meeting and educating to her position thanks to her Worldview and also her Art of Hosting experience.

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    If you want to delve into the concept, please visit the website "Worldview Intelligence - Transforming Differences into Progress".

    If you have questions relating to organization and registration please feel free to contact Rolf: schneidereit@gut-moderiert.de, 0049 221 4747 477.


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